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Dothan, AL dentist helps kids smile with confidence

You want the best for your child . . . including a dentist who provides the least painful as well as a healthiest possible form of dentistry. We are parents, too, so we understand. The team at No Needles Children’s Dentistry in Dothan, AL enthusiastically partners with parents to give kids the  emotional advantages of a needleless experience.

The dentist Dothan, AL kids want to visit

Getting a child into the dental chair doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether anticipating your child’s first dental appointment, or working to overcome less than pleasant experiences in the past, we can help.

A little empathy goes a long way. From the child’s perspective, the average dental office is a foreign landscape full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells – adult-sized chairs, bright lights, towering grown-ups wearing masks. We aren’t average. While maintaining the highest clinical standards, we created a warm environment where kids feel at ease. A “kid-friendly” mindset is evident in our treatment approaches.

Minimally invasive kid’s dentistry

Our goal is to help your child avoid dental problems, with nutritional guidance, hands-on hygiene demonstration, and effective preventive techniques.

Here are just a few examples of our gentle approach:

  • Diagnodent – This advanced illumination (non-ionizing radiation) device allows the doctor to identify dental caries often before they can be seen through visual examination. We find cavities when they are tiny; before a toothache has developed or extensive repair is needed.
  • Oral bacteria testing – A painless screening that aids in early detection of cavities and gum disease, and allow treatment to be tailored to your child’s oral terrain.
  • Fillings without needles – Injections are a big cause of dental anxiety for patients of all ages. With micro air abrasion, most cavities can be prepped and completed without the need for local anesthetic. That also means no “froze face” or risk of biting numbed soft tissues.  Also, you can assure your child that we “don’t use needles.”
  • Developmental monitoring – Extra attention to how teeth are emerging, as well as jaw shape and size. With early intervention, crooked teeth, speech difficulties, and sleep disordered breathing can usually be avoided.

Let’s get your child’s smile off to a great start. Call (334) 446-3888 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nathan Pfister or Dr. Brian Pfister.


We believe early intervention and prevention is the key to further oral health.

History NNCD

NNCD is not a new concept for Dr Pfister who has been practicing NNCD for nearly 10 years. He has been widely successfully helping children avoid needles, unnecessary trauma, and dental sedation. These techniques are pearls gleaned from mentors as well as experience over the years and have been brought together into one office revolutionizing children's dentistry.

Our Promise

If you allow us to protect your child's grooved teeth

If you maintain your child's cleaning recall

We will guarantee that surface of tooth to be cavity free for the life of that tooth or we will fill the tooth at no charge to you.


After seeing multiple dentists for my daughter's teeth issues, driving 6 hours to Dr. Pfister was absolutely worth it & I'm looking forward to bringing the rest of the family. Dr. Pfister's approach to dentistry is not only safe & non-invasive but he also emphasizes on prevention & the overall health of the mouth. It's very refreshing to find a dentist who is so highly trained & up to date on the safer, more effective dentistry that we all deserve! Sarah W.
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