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Dental Sealants

Dothan, AL dentists recommend dental sealants for cavity protection

It is a common myth that tooth decay is a natural part of childhood. Dr. Nathan Pfister and Dr. Brian Pfister know first-hand that it doesn’t have to be that way. With regular professional cleanings, good home hygiene, and healthy nutritional habits, your child may never need a filling. No Needles Children’s Dentistry in Dothan, AL also offers dental sealants as an additional defense against dental caries.

Sealant to prevent cavities

Front teeth have a thin edge designed for biting into and tearing food. Teeth at the back of the mouth, however, are made for grinding morsels into digestible bits. Their large chewing surfaces have uneven terrain, covered with microscopic grooves and pits. Harmful oral bacteria hide in these contours, creating a protective film of sticky plaque. As they flourish, they produce cavity-causing acids.

Dental sealant is a transparent plastic in a liquid form. It is brushed over chewing surface of freshly-cleaned molars. Sealant flows into crevices and hardens quickly, keeping oral bacteria out. It also seals tiny holes in enamel, halting their development into full-blown cavities.

We use non-toxic sealant formulations that are BPA-free, and take additional precautionary steps to further reduce risk of exposure. Sealant treatment adds only a few minutes to a cleaning and exam appointment, and it is painless.

Dothan, AL kids have fewer cavities with dental sealants

Is tooth sealant cost worth it? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports:

  • Sealants for kids prevent 80 percent of tooth decay in the two years after application.
  • Up to 50 percent protection continues for about four years.
  • Sealant may last up to nine years.
  • Nearly half (43 percent) of kids aged 6 to 11 now have the advantage of sealant treatment.

According to the CDC, in 2012 about 37 percent of children aged 2 to 8 had cavities in primary (baby) teeth, and from ages 6 to 11, about 21 percent developed dental caries in secondary (adult) teeth. By age 12 to 19, 58 percent of all children had at least one cavity in a permanent tooth.

Help your child beat these odds and enjoy a mouth free of tooth decay. Call (334) 446-3888 to schedule dental sealants treatment at No Needles Children’s Dentistry in Dothan, AL.


Seriously the BEST dentist in the area! My Kiddos don't even object when I tell them they are going to the dentist. He does so much more than clean your teeth; he is about your overall health and prevention. So grateful we found him. Also my 1 year old had a lip tie instead of sedating him and cutting it, Dr. Pfister took care of it in house in less than 2 min. He has been nursing like a champ since. I cannot say enough good things about him. Megan R.
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