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Early Intervention

Savvy parents in Dothan, AL know the value of early childhood dental intervention

Would you rather wait until your car develops a problem that significantly affects performance (and possibly causes permanent damage), or have it repaired right away to avoid the issue? At No Needles Children’s Dentistry in Dothan, AL, Dr. Nathan Pfister and Dr. Brian Pfister recommend a similar approach to your child’s oral health. With early childhood intervention, many dental problems are rectified before they can cause catastrophic damage to their teeth.

Dothan, AL kids benefit from early childhood dental intervention

Early intervention techniques involve preventative resin restorations. This is where deep grooves are removed with air abrasion and a minimal filling is used to protect the groove.  This technique will prevent the tooth from getting a large cavity in your child’s deep grooves.

Other early intervention techniques involve dietary changes to reduce the cavity causing bacteria in the mouth.  We in fact measure the cavity causing bacteria with a tool called Cariscreen.

Additional early intervention techniques can include an orthodontist to help make room for the adult teeth to come in.  They can also make room for the tonsils as well as room so your child can breath more easily with a healthy airway.

Unexpected benefits

The primary goal of early intervention is to help your child achieve the best possible dental alignment and bite. Yet it has a tremendous influence on appearance, too. Treatment minimizes crowding, preserving space for unerupted teeth. It creates attractive facial symmetry with a strong jawline and a big, broad smile. There is less chance the child will need extractions of permanent teeth, or orthodontics. If braces are needed, treatment time will likely be shorter.

Can your child benefit from early dental intervention? Call (334) 446-3888 to schedule a consultation at No Needles Children’s Dentistry to find out.


Seriously the BEST dentist in the area! My Kiddos don't even object when I tell them they are going to the dentist. He does so much more than clean your teeth; he is about your overall health and prevention. So grateful we found him. Also my 1 year old had a lip tie instead of sedating him and cutting it, Dr. Pfister took care of it in house in less than 2 min. He has been nursing like a champ since. I cannot say enough good things about him. Megan R.
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