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Oral Bacteria Testing

Oral bacteria testing: Painless screening for healthier smiles in Dothan, AL

Your child deserves the highest standard of dental care, with emphasis on prevention and personalized treatment. Dr. Nathan Pfister and Dr. Brian Pfister take that responsibility seriously. It shows in their dedication to leading-edge diagnostics that help kid’s grow up with healthy smiles. Oral bacteria testing at our Dothan, AL office is a great example.

What is a bacterial infection?

By early childhood, there can be hundreds of strains of bacteria flourishing in the oral cavity. Although some bacteria are pathogens – the cause of disease – others are beneficial to digestion and the immune system. The key to effective dental care is determining exactly which bacterium are present, and reducing harmful varieties.

As detrimental strains of oral bacteria populate, they develop a protective biofilm. This sticky coating traps bits of food debris providing an ongoing diet for the organisms. As they eat, they excrete acids that damage enamel, causing tooth decay in kids. When plaque is not removed, it hardens into tartar at the gumline, creating the starting point of gum disease.

Bacterial imbalance in the mouth may initially present as a bad breath problem. However, chronic halitosis and kid’s cavities are just two bacterial infection symptoms.

Potential destruction from these pathogens extends beyond the mouth. They travel through the body, affecting systemic wellness and triggering inflammation-related illnesses.

How Dothan, AL dentists perform oral bacteria testing

  • A small sample of plaque is taken from the surface of a tooth.
  • CariScreen is a better way to see the oral “bugs” that eat teeth. This painless chairside bacterial test takes only about a minute to perform – it just requires a swab sample of oral plaque. Then, using a bioluminescence technique, the doctor identifies specific strains of bacteria present. The metering system is  looking at a slide under magnification. The CariScreen score presents a strong indication of the patient’s risk of tooth decay. Screening is the starting point for an improved hygiene strategy, and clearly illustrates the patient’s progress in achieving a healthier mouth.
  • Microscopic evaluation also reveals the quantity of pathogens, fostering disease diagnosis at the earliest possible stage.
  • This allows the doctor to develop a treatment plan customized to your child’s unique oral flora. It is the best way to head off potential gum disease and tooth decay before they can become problematic, and avoid wiping out “good bacteria.”

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Seriously the BEST dentist in the area! My Kiddos don't even object when I tell them they are going to the dentist. He does so much more than clean your teeth; he is about your overall health and prevention. So grateful we found him. Also my 1 year old had a lip tie instead of sedating him and cutting it, Dr. Pfister took care of it in house in less than 2 min. He has been nursing like a champ since. I cannot say enough good things about him. Megan R.
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