Joyful group of kids


  • Nancy E.
    Nancy E.

    This is just amazing that you can get children’s cavities filled without shots! I sure wished they had something like that when my kids were little!

  • M
    Megan R. K.

    Seriously the BEST dentist in the area! My Kiddos don’t even object when I tell them they are going to the dentist. He does so much more than clean your teeth; he is about your overall health and prevention. So grateful we found him. Also my 1 year old had a lip tie instead of sedating him and cutting it, Dr. Pfister took care of it in house in less than 2 min. He has been nursing like a champ since. I cannot say enough good things about him.

  • S
    Sarah W.

    After seeing multiple dentists for my daughter’s teeth issues, driving 6 hours to Dr. Pfister was absolutely worth it & I’m looking forward to bringing the rest of the family. Dr. Pfister’s approach to dentistry is not only safe & non-invasive but he also emphasizes on prevention & the overall health of the mouth. It’s very refreshing to find a dentist who is so highly trained & up to date on the safer, more effective dentistry that we all deserve!